Our purpose is to accelerate nature protection and contribute to 24 global goals

Our purpose, as defined in our founding documents, is to accelerate nature protection, to increase awareness of the state of the planet, and to grow trust through inclusivity, equality, and transparency.

To make this actionable at the human scale, we empower our community to contribute to 24 global goals over the next decades.

Adding goals for self-expression and self-realization to complete the 16 Principles of the Earth Charter and the partially overlapping 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, we have come to a holistic set of 24 global goals: a grid to categorize news, share best practices and progress, and make every contribution accountable.

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Uon.Earth translates its vision and intention into a comprehensive set of blueprints. Together, these blueprints provide the strategic framework, guiding principles, and outlines for manifesting the vision in a way that maintains its integrity. #TheBlueprint is created by the board of Uon.Earth, a partnership between Union of Nature Foundation and EarthToday, a tech company with a purpose portal for brands, charities and consumers to collectively campaign for Earth.
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